Seller Strategies: The Importance of Home Showing Instructions


Seller Strategies:
the Importance of Home Showing Instructions

Those first two weeks your property is on the real estate market and MLS – they’re important. It’s usually when the most eyes will be drawn to the property, to see if it’s a great candidate for someone – as their next place to call a house “their home.”
In today’s “seller strategy” session, we’re discussing positive ways to improve your pool of potential buyers – by ways of how your “home showing instruction”s are set-up on the MLS (Metrolist / Prospector – main hub for all real estate input in our area – Placer and Sacramento County). 
If you don’t understand the pros and cons of home showing instructions when you’re active and on the market and getting ready to entertain buyer showings, be sure to ask your listing agent, or give us a call if you’re looking to interview a listing agent. Steve O and I, are both full time REALTORs®. (psst, this is Heather Ostrom – our contact info is below)
Your home may fall into a separate category, and may not apply to these set of suggestions, but we do believe this applies to a majority of homes that hit the market.

The more friction and challenges you create, to not allowing your home to be shown, can backfire on you and limit your “buyer-interested” audience. 

Types of showing instructions:
Vacant with Lockbox
Call 1st Lockbox
Appointment with the Owner
Call Listing Agent
Call Listing Office
Appointment with Tenant
(there are many more, but these are some of the common ones)


Stay educated and always make smart choices – both in marketing, accessibility (and of course, which listing agents you choose). Short-term discomfort, can possible expand your opportunities to a larger bottom line at the closing. 

SAFETY REMINDER: (Placer and Sacramento County) Never allow someone who states they’re an agent, into your home off the street or that drives up to your home. Force them to use the Metrolist lockbox, that way they’re proving their ability to access the home, when an agent “pings” or accesses the Metrolist iBox, it creates an electronic time stamp as the agent, accessing the home – all with their name, company, email, and cell number. If you’re in our area and you’re not using the Supra Lockbox – iBox BT LE – you probably picked the wrong listing agent. Joking / Not Joking. ~ When in doubt, call your listing agent. 

More about Metrolist MLS and Participants

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Author: Heather Ostrom, Real Estate Marketing – REALTOR

Steve Ostrom, Primary Listing Agent + REALTOR – 916-308-2446 – – Coldwell Banker  – Roseville, CA – CALBRE# 01344154 + 01899313 2200 Douglas Blvd B-200, Roseville, CA 95661

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Best day of the week to list your home for sale

best day of the week to sell your home

Best Day of the Week to List Your Home for Sale

Steve + Heather Ostrom

on Seller Series

Life is all about timing, and it doesn’t change with real estate and listing your home. Each real estate market and area is different, but we have noticed there are definitely better days than others, to list your home. Granted sometimes life doesn’t always play by “ideal rules,” and ultimately, the seller is our boss, so we will always be awesome – no matter what day you’re able to list your home. But if we can have an ideal world, we have strong opinions for homes in Placer County, California to be listed …
Our why? Well, check our featured video on “seller advice video” series. And don’t worry, I’m not quitting my day job for any karaoke work.  
Along with the three “hot” reasons why in this video, we also have another set of reasons. By default, the offer won’t expire till Monday, unless specifically set to expire before Friday evening. So it gives us a full weekend to be on the market. It’s always nice to have it exposed to the broadest audience, for the largest pool of the best buyers out there – while your home is still “fresh to the market.”
Plus, reality check, a lot of folks are on their email – even at work on Friday morning. We like that email showing up in folks’ email boxes Friday morning when they’re setting their schedules.Each home and neighborhood is unique – so let us know if you would like a detailed analysis on your home.

Buyers: Start Your Property Search

Whether you're a contingent buyer or first-time home buyer - let us know how to help. Guide us on: How to Help Tailor Your Property Search, If you Need Lender Suggestions, and How quickly You need to be In Your Home?
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The Importance of Great Photos for Seller Marketing

Why Great Photography Matters for Sellers

So you’re starting to research selling your home. Where do you start?
There’s so much to consider when hiring a listing agent. 

Typically, one of the first questions we’re asked is, “What is your past and recent work experience?” A great question, and that way you know the listing agent is well-versed, current to real estate changes and knows what’s going on in the market, and qualified for selling your home.

So what’s the action often forgotten by sellers, before they hire a listing agent … 

We believe it’s “photo interviewing” their listing agent. What’s a “photo interview?” We define it as a seller requesting to see the listing agent’s current or recently sold listings “online,” and seeing how their photos look and are displayed. How was the lighting, quality, cropping, and visual interest of the photos? Were there enough photos, and how was their quality?

It breaks our heart to see awful photos or even NO photos online, of homes that we know are gorgeous (regardless of price range). So we want to empower sellers to ask the right questions. And more importantly with bad or no photos, you’re risking frustrating or turning-off buyers. Do you want to risk this?

Listen in on our interview with one of our photographers, Trevor Jobson, with Trevor Glenn Photography.

Our mixture of excellence in sales, paired with quality marketing and graphic design background, equals success and a happy experience for our sellers. 

Photos sell your home during the day and at night – when buyers are searching online. Do you want to take the risk of not maximizing your audience that might be interested in your home by not having amazing photos?

Great Seller Marketing - Roseville and Rocklin Photos
Click the Photos Above to View Trevor’s Photos for Steve Ostrom

View Trevor’s Samples for Listing Agent Steve Ostrom


Steve Ostrom is an experienced listing agent, with an excellent selling record both in time on market, sold price, and also in his negotiation skills. Heather Ostrom is an experienced and successful graphic designer and REALTOR. She’s spoken on numerous real estate tech panels on her marketing approach and experience.


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916-308-2446 –
REALTORs Steve + Heather Ostrom


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Author: Heather Ostrom, Real Estate Marketing – REALTOR

Steve Ostrom, Primary Listing Agent + REALTOR – 916-308-2446 –
Coldwell Banker  – Roseville, CA – CALBRE# 01899313 + 01899313
2200 Douglas Blvd B-200, Roseville, CA 95661

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Steve and Trevor love what they do – thank you for the opportunity to work with you

Being Prepared for the Appraiser

REALTOR Steve Ostrom talks with Appraiser Ryan Lundquist about the agent perspective and the appraiser perspective about an agent meeting the appraiser at the property, at the time of appraisal with paperwork on comparables (called comps) and giving insight to those comparables which may not be readily available on the internet or know because a home may not have been on the market that long.

Ryan also explains his thoughts, on the best approach, what to say and what not to do as an agent … it gives sellers a good perspective on what we do as listing agents, but also what we as agents, are dealing with when approaching an appraiser. Each appraiser is different and will have a different take on the listing agent meeting the appraiser to discuss comps …

Give us your thoughts? What do you think?

Thanks Ryan for your interview, as always! It’s always great to get another person’s perspective so we can stay fine tuned.

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