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So I’m not sure if the funny “April Fool’s Joke” on has inspired this post in the back of my mind,

Photo property of A fur-larious “April Fool’s Day” Joke Ad 

… but my kids have actually taken a sample from the animal world, and made their animal’s “crib” … the envy of the animal world (in my parent, opinion). It made me think … and just like our company’s current theme, “Love where you live.” Do you LOVE where you live?’  If our living environment isn’t ideal. Stress can set in … we can act out, or we can even shut down. If it’s a long distance to the store, if we don’t have a vehicle or easy access to things around our home … it can pose challenges. It can affect us both in success in business, and in life … we’re not as social, and we stay to ourselves, we give up, if there’s no reason to come out of our shell.

My kids conned me into thinking their guinea pig was sick … and he wasn’t … so this is the world’s most expensive guinea pig vet visit … for nothing. I was so excited.

With animals, the same stress can happen. If they need a bigger or better space … if they don’t get these things, things shut-down, they … can shut down. Depression can set in … Granted, this might be extreme commentary, but the area we live in, should be a place we love … and sometimes that’s where the magic in life can happen. Happiness CAN happen.

Guinea Pig Cage from PetSmart

We started out with the typical “starter” guinea pig cage. It was a good starting place for us – and we didn’t know much about guinea pigs. My kids … after a year of extensive research on guinea pigs … started wanting more for our sweet Dini. (Houdini)

Dini the guinea pig - ostrom

I love this little guy so much. He’s been the best pet. And my kids … all three of them, want the best for him. Sure it might seem silly to some, but I am so proud of them, for wanting to make a better space for him.


My kids have been planning this for months … and finally, both Steve O and I gave in … to their ridiculous ideas of a homemade guinea pig cage … serious, it’s just as crazy, and as eye-roll worthy as it can seem. And thanks to YouTube … their hints at a “better space for ‘Dini’ only grew. But you know what? Besides all my teasing, I’m really proud of these girls.


Steve O took the girls out, to get all the supplies, some sneaky orders on Amazon, a million guinea pig blog posts, and YouTube video “how-to” videos … and voila … here we are … they put their dreams into motion for our sweet ‘Dini.


No, that’s not a raptor cage … where a baby cow is about to be lowered into the feeding pen … It’s our Guinea Pig reserve.


All joking aside … our guinea pig is out more, he’s “pop-corning” more and is a bouncy happy fool (I didn’t know what the heck popcorn meant, until my kids educated me, more than I ever wanted to, on guinea pig behavior). I wouldn’t have believed it all, till I witnessed it. And I am such a sucker, that I let these goofballs talk me into another guinea pig. They are our kids for certain … mini-salespeople, trying to make a deal come together. 


So if you’re looking to make your crib better, or one of your fur babies … there are now a few different Ostroms to consult.

For all your guinea pig needs – we’ll direct you to the O-girls.


For all of your home needs, for you and your family … give us a call. We’ll give you constructive feedback, what seems right for you, and your needs. It’s not just about the four walls that surround us, it’s the area we live … we need to love where we live.

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Author: Heather Ostrom, Real Estate Marketing – REALTOR

Steve Ostrom, Primary Listing Agent + REALTOR – 916-308-2446 – – Coldwell Banker  – Roseville, CA – CALBRE# 01344154 + 01899313 2200 Douglas Blvd B-200, Roseville, CA 95661

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Podcast Ostrom Time with Marguerite Crespillo

So we have always been good friends with the awesome Marguerite Crespillo for years, and she has a fabulous real estate podcast “Real Estate Real World.” Marguerite is and has been a top-producing REALTOR and broker in our area, for years. She and her husband Joe, are fixtures in our area, always at Placer County Association and supporting local agents, and their doors are always open to all.

Marguerite is a wealth of knowledge and experience, she’s a real estate trainer and coach, and she loves to help others.

So, what did we cover in our real estate interview podcast? Well you’re going to need to listen in, and hear the scoop! We covered: marketing, in-town behavior philosophies, agent-to-agent interactions, our love of #OstromOrange, why you rarely see Steve O not in a suit, the issue of low inventory (Placer County), and finally … “best tips for any new real estate agents.”

I truly believe you’ll enjoy, you’ll be educated, and I’m certain you will be entertained, while learning. And we hope you take away a few Awesome Ostrom, RE Nerd Nuggets!

Quick background on Marguerite: She’s a real estate coach and trainer. On Marguerite’s real estate podcast, she has interviewed Hal Elrod, the awesome Sean Carpenter, Tamara Dorris, Bob Corcoran, and Ryan Lundquist (and many more). Be sure to subscribe to her Podcast channel – I promise you’ll enjoy. And if you’re not a podcast listener, let me tell you – it’s changed my life. Since there’s no visual, you can still do work, walk, exercise, drive, and still listen in … I love podcasts!

I can’t thank Marguerite Crespillo of Realty First in Roseville, CA. Thank you for having us on your show, and I’ll be tuning in and listening to all the back and future real estate episodes. 


iPhone Users – this is what to look for on your phone 🙂

So listen here – and give us your feedback! We would be honored to have you listen in. (you can listen on the link, and/or go through iTunes and subscribe to Marguerite’s channel). And as my awesome friend and CB trainer, Sean Carpenter always says to all – “Build Relationships, Solve Problems, and Have Fun!” 

Property Questions or Showings? 916-308-2446 – – REALTORs Steve + Heather Ostrom

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Author: Heather Ostrom, Real Estate Marketing – REALTOR

Steve Ostrom, Primary Listing Agent + REALTOR – 916-308-2446 – – Coldwell Banker  – Roseville, CA – CALBRE# 01344154 + 01899313 2200 Douglas Blvd B-200, Roseville, CA 95661

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Agent Quest Podcast Interview: Conversations that Matter

Hello, this is Heather Ostrom. I specifically handle the marketing for our real estate team, both online, social media, and printed media, as well as handle much of our e-communications online.

Our real estate and community website, we try to provide a specific value for folks we work for and also educating buyers and sellers, and just to elevate our real estate world. We put in long hours, and part of our pride is providing a great service to those we encounter, but also educating those we work with (and even those we don’t work with) … on the “unknowns” of real estate, because it ultimately benefits our entire industry.

In that same light, I think it’s good to be paired up with real estate agents that are educated, experienced, but also are a good fit for you, so today I’m going to share a bit more of me in this post.

YouTube Channel Teri Conrad heather ostrom Conversations that Matter

Recently I was interviewed by Teri Conrad of Agent Quest on her podcast “Conversations that Matter.” It was a huge honor to even want to be heard, but also was a great “growth session” to share with others past the typical “business environment” conversation. Anyone that knows me personally, knows I’m very open, honest, and hard-working, as is Steve O. We’re not everyone’s “cup of tea,” but we know we’re great for those that appreciate us.

Here’s a snippet from Teri’s website about CTM: Conversations that Matter is a podcast focused on exploring hearty topics for hungry minds. Host Teri Conrad invites leaders, visionaries, authors, executives, innovators, game changers, and philosophers of all levels to create a space where TRUTH is told, perspectives are re-examined and new ideas can emerge.” ~ Teri Conrad 

I think if you are interested, or know me, you’ll enjoy this conversation with Teri. I also encourage you, particularly if you’re a real estate agent, to take the time to “watch” the awesome set of videos on the YouTube channel (my preference to see facial expressions). But there is also a podcast to subscribe to on iTunes.

itunes podcast teri conrad conversations that matter

It’s absolutely fascinating to the workings of successful agents and/or business people, and also see their stories being shared, and seeing their humanity and vulnerabilities exposed. Presented as strengths, in my opinion and absolutely fascinating and refreshing.

I know a few of you have asked to document a “day in our lives” so here’s a inside look to what goes on inside our minds, for those of us in real estate, or work with those in real estate and I hope you enjoy, if not listening to the other talented individuals I’m sharing this space with … such a lovely honor and opportunity.

Thank you Teri Conrad and best of success to “Agent Quest” and “Conversations that Matter.”

agent quest teri conrad real estate

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to connecting with you. ~ Heather Ostrom

Ways to Reach Teri Conrad of Agent Quest:
Twitter: @ConvosTMatter  or @TeriConrad – 1-778-887-8374

YouTube channel for “Conversations that Matter”
Subscribe to the Podcast for Agent Quest: Conversations that Matter

Most current episodes:

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Steve Ostrom, my hubby, is the primary listing agent – all production is housed under Steve.

2013-2016 Social Media Squad – Coldwell Banker


Hello, I’m Heather Ostrom, a REALTOR with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Roseville, CA.

I originally wrote this post back in 2013. Wowza, does time fly fast. So updates to this post (2015): for three years consecutively, I have had the amazing privilege of being on the Coldwell Banker International Social Squad. And now in 2016, I have been asked again to participate in the social squad, but lets keep this as my happy 2015 post.

A lot has changed since even 2013, including our waist lines.

For New York, Hollywood, and now Chicago #GenBlue – I have had the opportunity to continue to be a brand ambassador in the social media waters and as a positive figure for our company, Coldwell Banker. It’s a great honor, and not something I take lightly, along with our clients and business.

Social Squad Coldwell Banker 2015

Last year I even had the privilege of going on stage with Jane Lynch, to say I had an amazing time, would be an understatement. We work hard, but we also like to be fun to work with (particularly since this tends to be one of the more stressful points in your life, buying and selling a home). We take pride in our experience and personal touch to do all we can, both in education, and making the experience more enjoyable.

Gen Blue Jane Lynch Heather O Hollywood 2015

So what why do we attend the Gen Blue experience, year-after-year? See below – all that changes is, that it only gets better each year. Evolving with tried and true ways of working, mixed with the new expectations of consumers, and ways to work smarter and not harder.

Managers and Agents – sign up today:


Original Post from 2013 below


How Has Attending the #GenBlue Conference Improved Us?

#GenBlue is the Coldwell Banker Annual International Conference. For the past three years, Steve and I both have attended the conferences. Gen Blue offers classes for self-improvement and inspiration to improve anyone who is part of the Coldwell Banker brand – both for elevating our online and offline skills.

Attending these Coldwell Banker #GenBlue conferences has changed Steve and I in so many positive ways in relationships, work habits and tools, and personal improvement. I have met so many talented individuals across the country who have forever changed me – sharing tips and also putting me in touch with solutions that I may not have found on my own.

Networking, Classes, Amazing Speakers, Inspirational Classes, and One-On-One Opportunities

Talk / writing is cheap, without proof, right? You’re probably saying, “Hey Heather, give me direct evidence for improved behaviors and some feedback on the conference.”
Fair enough (bare with me as I talk about myself in third person). 😉

  • First and foremost, videos. I learned what techniques to improve our videos. “Slow pans” … dynamic backgrounds, changing your setting for videos, while realizing the importance of “audio.” I learned from other agents their own person tricks in video editing.
  • Online toolsStephanie Hahn was an amazing past speaker at Gen Blue. She fueled me to explore Google Tools more and how insanely amazing all the options are …. I now use the G-Cal and attachments like an online ninja and my clients love it.
  • Matthew Ferrara, Philosopher – A CB speaker staple and never ceases to be awesome. I learned about online and offline behaviors and how he conducts his business (he’s fantastic). Not to mention, Matthew was part of one of the most epic moments of conference history witnessed – Ferrara vs. Mike Ferry in 2011. Steve O and I STILL talk about this event.
  • I also learned and got to know Debra Trappen and Linda Aaron better and learned all of their SwissArmyKnife tricks for better interaction online and improved visuals online. Such happy energy and the crowd dialogue was intoxicating with the Q&A that was initiated.
  • The main stage speakers – inspiration for the soul and mind. Always a “wow” factor every year of someone from outside of real estate and also some of the best in our business.
  • Finally, and definitely not least – the final party is ALWAYS amazing. Sure, it may sound immature to rank a party amongst the reasons, but I definitely made new friends from dancing and going around introducing myself to new agents. I also have earned quite a few referrals because people remembered me. How awesome is that?
  • Direct from the Source: I learned how to better use the amazing tool of CB Exchange (formerly CBWorks) – the undiscovered gem of educational videos, logos, and templates. Also some of the nerdiest of nerds (written with the highest affection), that told us how to leverage the free info to do our market updates.

Online and Offline Agent Improvements

Whether you’re a broker, manager, marketing bossy pants, or an agent in the field … the Conference is not just about online items – it’s about the entire package of being a real estate agent in the current age.

Year-after-year, Coldwell Banker continues to set-up a FRESH and NEW schedule for their agents and brokers, BUT also in the education straight from the agent’s mouth. I gain so much from the Q and A’s that happen from the audience, as well as the agent panels, and speakers. Interactions are always dynamic and passionate.

Steve O and I have always thought of Coldwell Banker to be the best. I’m proud to be #GenBlue. So if You’re Coming to the Conference, I’m very tall (6ft) and I love orange – please come up and say “hi” and I look forward to meeting and sharing with you! I’m proud to be #GenBlue

Come Say “Hi” to the GenBlue Social Squad!

2013 Gen Blue GenBlue Social Squad - Coldwell Banker NYC

Follow me on Twitter at @RosevilleRockLn (and say “hi” @ me!)


Coldwell Banker 3D Logo

Learn More About Gen Blue Coldwell Banker: Local and National Conferences

Follow the Conference Dialogue – #GenBlue Hashtag

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Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Author: Heather Ostrom, Real Estate Marketing – REALTOR

Steve Ostrom, Primary Listing Agent + REALTOR – 916-308-2446 – – Coldwell Banker  – Roseville, CA – CALBRE# 01344154 + 01899313 2200 Douglas Blvd B-200, Roseville, CA 95661

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equal housing

Equal Housing Opportunity

Agent Reboot + Inman Real Estate Connect

“Agent ReBoot” and “Inman News Real Estate Connect”
Agent Reboot can be described as,
an action packed day full of panels and speakers introducing you to the “best marketing and technology available.” (quote from:

Inman News Real Estate Connect description, “… a must-attend [real estate] conference that brings together the biggest names in the real estate and technology industries twice yearly in New York and San Francisco.” (quote from:

Heather O here, aka the Marketing Bossy Pants of our real estate team … I thought I might share my recent adventure to Agent Reboot and Inman News Real Estate Connect (it was the first time I had attended either event). I know blog posts are supposed to be brief, but I’m disregarding this rule as there’s too much to cover. I’ll try to put extra “jazz hands” to keep you entertained for the entire post. 🙂

Originally, I was only going to attend Agent Reboot, an awesome one-day event, but I did opt last minute to also attend Inman News Real Estate Connect (which would last through that Friday – three more days). Many are not familiar with what Inman is, nor are they familiar with the events of Inman News Real Estate Connect and Agent Rebootclick the event names to learn more about these this real estate conference. 

So during my debate of deciding, “should I go one day or do the entire conference” – my awesome husband and team member Steve O, was encouraging me to go to both events …

Steve: “Heather, you need to go, I can cover for you and the kids. I know you’ll enjoy it. Plus not sure if you heard, but you’re having a baby in December and it might put you out of commission for a bit. Have some fun and go.”

Me: * thinking * What type of work load will I return to and I will most certainly return to the inevitable “husband-in-charge household” consisting of kids living on fast-food and a destroyed household

Well I’m happy to write, I thought both events were fantastic and I’m glad I attended both events. I’m not saying I’ll do it every year, but this year, with expanding and managing our team, an office move (oy), full work load, two kids and pregnancy – I needed a shot in the arm. So a special thank you to Ambassador Laura Monroe for all of your help and guidance

What drove me to go?
I needed inspiration, motivation, and also to be around some new bodies that craving inspiration to improve themselves (and team) and looking to continue their on-going real estate education. Plus I find talking with other professionals, you will always take away something from just discussing the ups and downs of our full-time business.

My week was full of some great real estate “nerd nuggets” and some “so-so sessions” (some could stand for a female agent perspective IMO and/or actual producing agent feedback along with the vendors) … but always amazing general sessions. But my favorite parts were the after-hours and lunch-time dialogue that inevitably arose either about or on the topic of the speaker(s) or just folks we had encountered through out the day. Flashback to session (me): “Seriously buddy, in my session, the moderator asked for your QUESTION, not your life story or your wienietasmic success story, ya horn-tooter!” <– sorry vent done. 😉

So how does this translate to a positive for our clients?
For myself, it’s a matter of keeping my mind sharp, learning new tools, and perhaps learning more effective ways of running my business more effectively. From all the brainstorming within sessions and from listening to different speakers, I was inspired to try new items that are promising for both my real estate team and also for our clients. Steve and I (as are our entire team), are dedicated to continuing our education on all levels … whether involvement on real estate boards, attending classes, or going to conferences.

A HUGE Highlight at Agent Reboot —
I was Interviewed by an Amazing Panel for “Anatomy of an Agent”
So a few days before the big conference, I receive an email from Katie Lance (Director of Social Media, Inman News) asking me to be on the “Anatomy of an Agent” panel at Agent Reboot. ~ This was my very first Inman conference … was I ready for this? So I ask Katie what the interrogation would be covering and she stated (paraphrasing) that there would be an analysis of my website and online presence (including a few social media sites). ~ I could not pass up an opportunity to be critiqued from four different pros on how we were approaching our business online.

So to Katie, I quickly say … “Sure I’ll be your agent interview ‘guinea pig!'”

I think it went really well and you can see the ‘play-by-play’ here (3:06). Luckily the “pros” did not slice and dice me like agent sushi and I survived and came away with invaluable feedback. Katie, thank you sincerely for the opportunity and a huge thank you to all the panelists – not only helpful, but funny and sweet!

Thank you Linda Aaron for the beautiful picture!

Meet the Panelists for “Anatomy of an Agent
Moderator: Katie Lance, Social Media Director & Contributing Editor, InmanNext, Inman News, @katielance and @InmanNext
(L to R): Brad Andersohn, Zillow, @BradAndersohn • Stephen Pacinelli, Move, Inc., @stevepacinelli ( Tech Savvy Agent ) • Wendy Forsythe, Atlantic & Pacific Real Estate (CA), Inc., @BrandWendy • Glenn Sanford, eXp Realty LLC, @ceoglenn

So Fast-Forward to Post-Conference – What’s My Take Away?
I feel more motivated, I have learned new tools (both personally and technical), I have learned the art of the vendor ditch (not the cool / awesome booth ones, the predatory tech vampires that troll as “average conference-go’ers” at the event), I have made some new incredible friends, and I have listened to some of the best in the real estate industry (and some outside of our industry, that bring great “mind fruit” to the table). I look forward to my next real estate conference and hopefully another Inman Real Estate Connect.

Finally, one of my favorite take-aways was getting connected with a powerful group of ladies – opinionated, kind, funny, and hard-working – MY TYPE of ladies. I just want to say thank you to these ladies because they have put a fire back in me. For people questioning these conferences, if this was the only thing I took away from the event, it made it worth it. We exchanged ideas, expressed work concerns, and developed suggestions / resolution to items burning in our brains to help our industry work more smoothly. Thank you Linda, Anne, Chavi and Kim! I love you ladies.

Cheers till the next time we see each other again (post-hatch) and a big thank you for the memories, knowledge, laughs, and inspiration this week to all that I met and spoke with this week! And another thank you to the Inman staff for a wonderful event ~ Heather O

Property of and Photo by, Linda Aaron @Skynnard
Property of and Photo by, Linda Aaron @Skynnard

I’m a biased Coldwell Banker Girl (sorry for this nerdtasmic shout) – I love my Coldwell Banker crew
Top Row (the tallies): David Marine, Matt Case (W.+No. Michigan), Chavi M. Hohm (Seattle); Bottom Row: Linda Aaron (Seattle), Kim V. Colaprete (Seattle), Anne Jones (Tacoma) • Heather Ostrom, Marketing Bossy Pants • Coldwell Banker Sun Ridge

Earth Day 2012 – Roseville, California

April 21st, 2012 – 5th Annual “Earth Day” in Roseville, CA. Every year we try and attend this event and every year it seems to get better. We love living in Roseville and this event just reminds us how much we really do love this city.

Below are some fun links of groups featured in our video and/or great helpful links to the City of Roseville (CA):

Referencing our video: AND “NO” we didn’t win the Kindle Fire from the City of Roseville … I *KNOW* … what’s up with that?

Property Questions or Showings? 916-308-2446 – – REALTORs Steve + Heather Ostrom


Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

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Author: Heather Ostrom, Real Estate Marketing – REALTOR

Steve Ostrom, Primary Listing Agent + REALTOR – 916-308-2446 – – Coldwell Banker  – Roseville, CA – CALBRE# 01344154 + 01899313 2200 Douglas Blvd B-200, Roseville, CA 95661

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equal housing

Equal Housing Opportunity