The Closing Process in Placer County

The process for a home closing in Placer County

Every area has their own procedure with home sales, regarding signings at title (or via notary) and the closing process. This is one of the most confusing topic for buyers and sellers. Below, we’re addressing sales specifically in Placer County, CA. “All-cash” deals will have their own (quicker) timeline, and maybe that will be a topic for another video 🙂 This video applies to buyers with a loan.

You’re not alone if you’re confused on when do you sign paperwork, how does the closing happen, and when do we hand over keys? We will do our best to equip you with all the right information, so you feel as prepared and informed as possible.

More “Closing” Questions Answered

  • Do buyer and seller sit at the same table to sign paperwork? No, they’re typically separate appointments at the title company. In our area, escrow and title are in the same location (much easier). You’re not sitting with the opposite party, signing at the same time.
  • What if I can’t come to the title company? It happens, a notary can come to you, at an additional fee. We usually encourage the buyer or seller, to go to the title company for a signing of final paperwork, but if it’s a “larger brand” title office with multiple branches locally, we can sometimes have you signed, with warning, at a nearby office, if the main title company isn’t convenient to access (example signing in Roseville vs. going to a Sacramento office).
  • Can we schedule our signing in advance? Not always, depends on loan docs arriving at title. Depending on the type of loan, the seller can sometimes sign earlier. But best not to assume, lets have that dialogue in advance, if one seller will be inaccessible – starting to about a week, before closing.
  • What if I can only sign after-hours or on the weekend? If you’re on vacation, or have limited signing capability, let us know and for a small fee, we may be able to have a notary come to you. This can pad a day or two to closing, and if you’re out of the country when loan docs come in, this is definitely dialogue we want to have in advance.
  • When we sign, does that mean we’re closed on the home? No. If the buyer has a loan – it depends on when funding occurs (can be near immediate, immediate, or 24-48 business hours after review). If you’re buyer, have this communication of process, as the lender is at the steering wheel at one point, determining much of these timelines. If you don’t know what questions to ask, we can help you.
  • Why is there a “Final-Walkthrough” by the Buyer? It’s the buyer’s right to ensure the property is in the same condition, as when they went into escrow. Your home is most likely in chaos-mode with packing, so don’t fret, but know that this visit will happen right before closing.
  • When do we turn off utilities? Unless otherwise specified in contract, utilities are to always stay on, until we know we’re going on record / closing that day.
  • How clean does your home need to be? It’s a touchy subject as you can imagine. Do as agreed to, between buyer and seller. When in doubt and a professional clean is requested, it’s not a bad idea to consider hiring who the buyer prefers, to avoid any disputes of “what’s their interpretation of ‘clean.'” We think it’s a good gesture to hire a professional cleaner. Typically, “broom swept and clean” is the asked for item, but expectations are always different from folks.
  • Is it okay if I leave trash on the side yard, or items in the garage or attic? All furniture and personal property, inside and outside the home – MUST be removed. With extra paint that belongs to the house, typically you’re going to want to see a new home owner want to have that … to avoid painful paint-matching, but all other items, when in doubt, ask buyer-side, and don’t make assumptions what’s okay to leave behind.
  • When and how do the buyers get the keys? Keys can be retrieved, the day of closing, by default 5pm. Check your contract first – that’s what determines “what time.” Typically, one key is left in the Metrolist Lockbox, that the buyer’s agent can retrieve at the right time, and hand that key over to the new buyers. If you’re a new homeowner – PLEASE re-key your home, always.
  • Will the sellers leave me items, to help out? If you’re a seller, before closing, ping your agent to share with the buyer-side, all utility info and where you’re storing appliance manuals, extra keys, mailbox key, when trash day is, and any helpful info that might give the new home owners a “leg-up” … the buyers will be grateful.


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Disclosure: Always consult local regulation and your trust real estate agent representing you. All items in the video, and above, are how we would educate our clients here in Placer County. Any financial items, always consult your trusted financial and/or tax advisor.