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So I’m not sure if the funny “April Fool’s Joke” on has inspired this post in the back of my mind,

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… but my kids have actually taken a sample from the animal world, and made their animal’s “crib” … the envy of the animal world (in my parent, opinion). It made me think … and just like our company’s current theme, “Love where you live.” Do you LOVE where you live?’  If our living environment isn’t ideal. Stress can set in … we can act out, or we can even shut down. If it’s a long distance to the store, if we don’t have a vehicle or easy access to things around our home … it can pose challenges. It can affect us both in success in business, and in life … we’re not as social, and we stay to ourselves, we give up, if there’s no reason to come out of our shell.

My kids conned me into thinking their guinea pig was sick … and he wasn’t … so this is the world’s most expensive guinea pig vet visit … for nothing. I was so excited.

With animals, the same stress can happen. If they need a bigger or better space … if they don’t get these things, things shut-down, they … can shut down. Depression can set in … Granted, this might be extreme commentary, but the area we live in, should be a place we love … and sometimes that’s where the magic in life can happen. Happiness CAN happen.

Guinea Pig Cage from PetSmart

We started out with the typical “starter” guinea pig cage. It was a good starting place for us – and we didn’t know much about guinea pigs. My kids … after a year of extensive research on guinea pigs … started wanting more for our sweet Dini. (Houdini)

Dini the guinea pig - ostrom

I love this little guy so much. He’s been the best pet. And my kids … all three of them, want the best for him. Sure it might seem silly to some, but I am so proud of them, for wanting to make a better space for him.


My kids have been planning this for months … and finally, both Steve O and I gave in … to their ridiculous ideas of a homemade guinea pig cage … serious, it’s just as crazy, and as eye-roll worthy as it can seem. And thanks to YouTube … their hints at a “better space for ‘Dini’ only grew. But you know what? Besides all my teasing, I’m really proud of these girls.


Steve O took the girls out, to get all the supplies, some sneaky orders on Amazon, a million guinea pig blog posts, and YouTube video “how-to” videos … and voila … here we are … they put their dreams into motion for our sweet ‘Dini.


No, that’s not a raptor cage … where a baby cow is about to be lowered into the feeding pen … It’s our Guinea Pig reserve.


All joking aside … our guinea pig is out more, he’s “pop-corning” more and is a bouncy happy fool (I didn’t know what the heck popcorn meant, until my kids educated me, more than I ever wanted to, on guinea pig behavior). I wouldn’t have believed it all, till I witnessed it. And I am such a sucker, that I let these goofballs talk me into another guinea pig. They are our kids for certain … mini-salespeople, trying to make a deal come together. 


So if you’re looking to make your crib better, or one of your fur babies … there are now a few different Ostroms to consult.

For all your guinea pig needs – we’ll direct you to the O-girls.


For all of your home needs, for you and your family … give us a call. We’ll give you constructive feedback, what seems right for you, and your needs. It’s not just about the four walls that surround us, it’s the area we live … we need to love where we live.

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