Agent Quest Podcast Interview: Conversations that Matter

Hello, this is Heather Ostrom. I specifically handle the marketing for our real estate team, both online, social media, and printed media, as well as handle much of our e-communications online.

Our real estate and community website, we try to provide a specific value for folks we work for and also educating buyers and sellers, and just to elevate our real estate world. We put in long hours, and part of our pride is providing a great service to those we encounter, but also educating those we work with (and even those we don’t work with) … on the “unknowns” of real estate, because it ultimately benefits our entire industry.

In that same light, I think it’s good to be paired up with real estate agents that are educated, experienced, but also are a good fit for you, so today I’m going to share a bit more of me in this post.

YouTube Channel Teri Conrad heather ostrom Conversations that Matter

Recently I was interviewed by Teri Conrad of Agent Quest on her podcast “Conversations that Matter.” It was a huge honor to even want to be heard, but also was a great “growth session” to share with others past the typical “business environment” conversation. Anyone that knows me personally, knows I’m very open, honest, and hard-working, as is Steve O. We’re not everyone’s “cup of tea,” but we know we’re great for those that appreciate us.

Here’s a snippet from Teri’s website about CTM: Conversations that Matter is a podcast focused on exploring hearty topics for hungry minds. Host Teri Conrad invites leaders, visionaries, authors, executives, innovators, game changers, and philosophers of all levels to create a space where TRUTH is told, perspectives are re-examined and new ideas can emerge.” ~ Teri Conrad 

I think if you are interested, or know me, you’ll enjoy this conversation with Teri. I also encourage you, particularly if you’re a real estate agent, to take the time to “watch” the awesome set of videos on the YouTube channel (my preference to see facial expressions). But there is also a podcast to subscribe to on iTunes.

itunes podcast teri conrad conversations that matter

It’s absolutely fascinating to the workings of successful agents and/or business people, and also see their stories being shared, and seeing their humanity and vulnerabilities exposed. Presented as strengths, in my opinion and absolutely fascinating and refreshing.

I know a few of you have asked to document a “day in our lives” so here’s a inside look to what goes on inside our minds, for those of us in real estate, or work with those in real estate and I hope you enjoy, if not listening to the other talented individuals I’m sharing this space with … such a lovely honor and opportunity.

Thank you Teri Conrad and best of success to “Agent Quest” and “Conversations that Matter.”

agent quest teri conrad real estate

I hope you enjoy and I look forward to connecting with you. ~ Heather Ostrom

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